Report 501
A summary of the impacts of ash dieback on UK biodiversity, including the potential for long-term monitoring and further research on management scenarios
Lawrence, R. & Cheffings, C.M.
This paper provides an overview of the information to date on ash dieback in relation to its impact on UK biodiversity, long-term monitoring of such impacts and future research requirements. This document is aimed at UK policy makers and technical advisors within public bodies, in order to help manage their response to ash dieback.


The future of the ash tree in the UK is currently threatened by an emerging invasive fungal disease, Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus, commonly called ‘ash dieback’ or ‘Chalara’  (Pautasso et al 2013). The disease causes leaf loss and crown dieback, and frequently leads to tree death. Since the detection of ash dieback within the UK in 2012, three reports have been produced by JNCC to help inform management of ash dieback, with a particular focus on biodiversity, this is the third report.
JNCC Ash dieback information page.
ISSN 0963 8901
Please cite as: Lawrence, R. & Cheffings, C.M.