Management of UK Freshwater Habitats


Given the threats that freshwater habitats face, it is often necessary to undertake some form of management to improve or maintain their condition.  There are a number of sources of information to guide such action, examples of which are outlined below.


Management guidance and best practice


River Restoration Centre (RCC)Freshwater restoration

The River Restoration Centre is the national expert advice centre for best practice river restoration, habitat enhancement and catchment management.  Amongst other things, it provides:


They are part of a wider European network called the European Centre for River Restoration (ECRR), which aims to encourage and support ecological river restoration throughout greater Europe.


River basin management planning

To help implement the Water Framework Directive, the UK environment agencies have published river basin management plans – these set objectives for each water body in the UK, and programmes of measures to meet those objectives:


SNH advice on managing freshwater

The SNH 'Managing Freshwater' webpage includes information on flooding, freshwater fisheries, freshwater aquaculture, river engineering, water pollution, catchment management, and aquatic non-natives.


Annex I Management ModelsFreshwater pond book

The European Commission has published Management Models for Annex I Habitats, including one for Mediterranean temporary ponds.


Habitat Management Search Engine

JNCC has developed a customised search engine, Habitat Management on the Web, which is designed to direct users to information about how to manage UK terrestrial and freshwater habitats for biodiversity conservation.


Pond Creation Toolkit

The Freshwater Habitats Trust provides a Pond Creation Toolkit – in a set of factsheets with information on best practice principles of pond creation, such as location, design, project planning and implementation.



The UKTAG partnership provides coordinated advice on the science and technical aspects of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD).