Developing management measures for Nature Conservation MPAs


Nature Conservation MPAs will be managed to ensure the protected features achieve their conservation objectives. The Scottish MPA Project management handbook sets out the approach for identifying and implementing any required management measures for Nature Conservation MPAs. The handbook, the Feature Activity SEnsitivity Tool (FEAST) and guidance on developing fisheries measures, as well as discussions with stakeholders, has informed the development of management options papers for each Nature Conservation MPA.


Following site designation, Marine Scotland is considering in more detail how sites might best be managed. If Ministers decide that a statutory measure (e.g. a fisheries order) is needed to deliver management, then a separate consultation will be held. The aim of this will be to gather views on the specific management measures being proposed. Consultation on management measures will take place from 2014 onwards.


The potential impacts of licensed activities on the protected features within the NC MPA’s will be assessed through the existing EIA process on a case-by-case basis. Early dialogue with Marine Scotland and JNCC would help identify and resolve any issues at an early stage.  


More information on the management options to achieve the conservation objectives of protected features is provided in the Management Options Paper for each Nature Conservation MPA.