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  • Descriptions of Priority Marine Features in Scotland’s seas, some of which were used to underpin the selection of Nature Conservation MPAs.
  • The Least Damaged/ More Natural Report provides the detail of how JNCC and SNH considered information on activities taking place in Scotland to identify the initial suite of Broad Search Areas from which MPA search locations were identified.
  • The Contribution of existing measures Report and the Contribution of other area-based measures Report provide the approach and conclusions drawn from considering the contribution existing measures such as Special Areas of Conservation and other area-based measures such as areas reserved for military activity make to the protection of MPA search features in Scotland's seas.
  • Lancaster et al. (2014) represents detailed ecological guidance on each MPA search feature to help collate the necessary evidence for completion of the Detailed Assessment Against the Guidelines for each MPA. The feature documents are available here.  
  • SNH and JNCC have produced a report which details the method undertaken to assess risk of damage to MPA search features in Scotland's seas to help complete an assessment of stage 2e of the MPA Selection Guidelines
  • As Nature Conservation MPAs can be selected for geodiversity as well as biodiversity features, SNH and JNCC commissioned pieces of work to characterise Scotland's marine geodiversity and assess their sensitivity to pressures associated with human activity.
  • In 2012, JNCC and SNH submitted formal advice on the selection of Nature Conservation MPAs for the development of the Scottish MPA network to Scottish Ministers and Marine Scotland 
  • A report of JNCC’s advice on selected responses to the 2013 Marine Scotland consultation on Nature Conservation Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) is now available.


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