A review of the scarce and threatened flies of Great Britain. Part 6: Hoverflies family Syrphidae
Stuart G. Ball & Roger K.A. Morris
This publication is one of a series produced under the auspices of the Species Status Assessment project initiated by JNCC in 1999.



The first account of threatened British Diptera was included in the British Red Data Books: 2. Insects (Shirt, 1987). This listed 827 species of Diptera of which 56 belonged to the hoverflies, family Syrphidae. Data sheets were given for just 25 of these (10 Endangered and 15 Vulnerable). This was Species Status No.9 report coverfollowed by the publication of A review of the scarce and threatened flies of Great Britain (Part 1) (Falk, 1991) which presented data sheets for all scarce and threatened species from the better-known families of British Diptera including the hoverflies. Table 1 in the report shows the number of species assigned to each status category by these works.


JNCC adopted revised IUCN Guidelines (IUCN, 1994) in 1995, subsequently updated (IUCN, 2001), making it necessary to revise the status of all species. In addition, much new information has become available since the publication of Shirt (1987) and Falk (1991). This present volume is therefore one of a series which updates the statuses assigned to British Diptera. The status assigned to many species by the earlier reviews has been revised and at the same time the nomenclature has been brought up to date in accordance with the latest checklist. Appendix 2 lists all species assigned to status categories by this and the previous reviews and shows all the changes that have occurred in both the names of species and status categories.


This review deals with the hoverflies as defined by Stubbs & Falk (2002). The latest Diptera check list (Chandler, 2012) lists 280 British species in the family Syrphidae. Some uncertain taxa listed by Stubbs & Falk (2002) and the few subsequent changes are considered here increasing the total to 284 species although two of these (Paragus constrictus and Pipiza festiva) have only been found in Ireland and are not considered here. Recent literature and information submitted to the Hoverfly Recording Scheme and the Scottish Hoverfly Mapping Scheme (see Malloch Society website: http://www.mallochsociety.org.uk/) up to January 2014 has been taken into account.




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