Technical workshops


JNCC annually co-ordinates a series of regional and cross-territory workshops to bring together practicioners and technical experts to share experiences and build capacity in priority areas of focus.


2015 August - South Atlantic OT Regional Biosecurity Workshop - Ascension Island (Regional SA)

A regional 5-day workshop with biosecurity technical experts and practitioners from all of the South Atlantic OTs.


2015 May - OT data access and Common areas of shared interest - UK (ALL OTs)

A day long stakeholder workshop split into 2 discreet sessions

Morning session: OT data access project

Afternoon Session: JNCC_NGO group outputs.

More information available here>>


2015  February - GIS and data-Turks and Caicos Islands  (Regional Caribbean)

Understanding our islands: How to get the best out of our GIS and data: Turks and Caicos Islands local and regional data and Geographical Information Systems Workshops. More information here>>


2014 Regional South Atlantic Workshop Series - Ascension Island (Regional SA)

A series of workshops on Marine Protected Areas, Sustainable Fishing, Seabird Monitoring and Action Planning. Workshop report available here>>


2014 April -  Marine Protected Areas - UK (ALL OTs)

A workshop based in UK with particpation from across the OTs and UK focussing on Marine Protected Areas. Workshop report available here>>


2013: October - GIS - Gibraltar (ALL OTs)

A workshop based in Gibraltar with partcipation from across the UKOTs and UK focussing on Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Workshop report availabe here>>


2013: February and July -  Lionfish - Anguilla and Cayman (Regional Caribbean).

Two workshops based in the Caribbean In Anguilla and Cayman focussing on sharing expertise and developing strategies to combat the lionfish invasion. Workshop reports availabe here>>