Marine Proposed SPA consultation

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On these pages you will find information about proposed SPAs currently under consultation that either entirely or partly fall within UK offshore waters and how to provide your views on the proposals.  Additional information on the identification of the proposed SPAs, how survey information was used to select them and how boundaries were identified can be found in the links below. 

Find out more about what marine SPAs are.
Find out more about how marine SPAs are identified

\In marine offshore waters (beyond 12 nautical miles off the coast) JNCC is responsible for the identification and classification of SPAs.  On land and in territorial waters (up to 12 nautical miles) the identification and classification of SPAs is led by the four country conservation agencies. 

Where proposed SPAs cross the 12 nautical mile limit the responsibilities will be shared between the involved agencies.

Only current marine SPA proposals which are fully or partly offshore are shown on this webpage. For information on current SPA proposals in territorial waters please refer to the corresponding webpages of the respective statutory agencies:

- SPA proposals in Welsh territorial waters:  Currently no open consultations

- All consultations in England: 

- SPA proposals in Scottish territorial waters:  Currently no open consultations

- All consultations in Northern Ireland:  Currently no open consultations



Proposed marine SPAs in offshore waters around Wales 
  • Currently no open consultations 
Proposed marine SPAs in offshore waters around England 
  • Currently no open consultations 
Proposed marine SPAs in offshore waters around Scotland
  • Currently no open consultations
  • Between 4/10/2016 and 17/01/2017, SNH and the JNCC consulted on  5 pSPAs in Scottish inshore- and offshore waters. We collated the responses received and prepared a consultation report and advice to Scottish Government. This was submitted to Scottish Government in December 2018.

   Consultation Report and recommendations

   Final advice and recommendations submitted to Scottish Government


Proposed marine SPAs in offshore waters around Northern Ireland 
  • Currently no open consultations


If you have any queries on the offshore SPA consultation process not covered by the material on our website, please contact us

If you are unable to make an online response on one of the above SPA proposals, please send us an email, or contact us to request a copy of the response form.  Please note that any response, whether online, by email or by post, will need to include the relevant data protection information to be considered as formal submission.


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How your comments will be considered

The relevant ministers will take the final decisions on whether to proceed with the proposed SPAs based solely on the scientific cases presented to them and any additional scientific information that is revealed during the consultation process.

Ministers also wish to hear views on activities which take place within or near these areas that may be affected by the proposals. Such information will be invaluable in helping consider the impact of any new SPA and informing any management measures for these areas in the future.