No. 3 Dogger Bank SCI Monitoring Survey - CEND 10/14 Cruise Report
(003 - 2015)
Ware, S. & McIlwaine, P.
The survey at Dogger Bank SCI was carried out between 17 May and 6 June 2014 on the RV Cefas Endeavour.


In 2014, a pilot monitoring survey at the Dogger Bank Site of Community Importance (SCI) was carried out collaboratively, between the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) and the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas).  The survey gathered ‘baseline’ data to help inform on the effectiveness of several proposed fishery management areas and to investigate changes in biological communities along a fishing pressure gradient.  The survey is intended as a pilot survey to apply the principles of the UK Marine Biodiversity Monitoring R&D (MBMR&D) Programme at the Dogger Bank SCI. 


1 Introduction and background 
1.1 Survey project team 
1.2 Site description 
1.3 Existing data and information used to inform survey planning 
2 Survey aims and objectives 
2.1 Survey rationale 
2.2 Survey objectives 
3 Survey design and methods 
3.1 Survey design 
3.2 Sampling methods 
3.3 Additional sampling conducted to inform the gear comparison study 
4 Survey Narrative 
5 Preliminary Results 
5.1 Preliminary habitat descriptions: Survey Block A, UK 242 (BACI)
5.2 Preliminary Habitat descriptions: Survey Block B, UK 1081 (BACI and ‘Type 2’ Monitoring) 
5.3 Preliminary habitat descriptions: Survey Block C, UK 375 (BACI Survey) 
5.4 Preliminary habitat descriptions: Survey Block D, UK 2260 (BACI survey) 
5.5 Preliminary habitat descriptions: Survey Block E, UK and NL 1275 (BACI survey)
5.6 Preliminary habitat descriptions: Gear comparison study 
6 Quality Control (QC) 
6.1 Positioning 
7 Evidence of human activity
8 Health and safety events
9 References
10 Appendix 
10.1 Vessel and equipment used, details of software (including version number) and operational parameters 
11 Annexes 
11.1 Survey metadata
11.2 Daily Progress Reports (DPRs) 



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