No. 2 CEND 5/14 Fladen Grounds Survey Cruise Report
(002 - 2015)
McIlwaine, P.
This report presents the data collected during a cruise (code CEND0514) on the RV Cefas Endeavour from 20–31 March 2014 to survey the area within and around the Central Fladen NCMPA.


This report summarises the data collected during a survey of the Fladen Grounds in March 2014, focusing in part on the Central Fladen Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area (NCMPA). Evidence was gathered to support the development of monitoring options at the Central Fladen NCMPA and also, more generally, for offshore mud habitats. Seabed imagery and sediment samples were collected to assess benthic fauna assemblages within and surrounding a management scenario and also from areas along a gradient of abrasion pressure (calculated through analysis of VMS data). Any preliminary results from this report of the survey are provided in the knowledge that more detailed analyses and interpretations are to be carried out and reported subsequently.


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