JNCC Practice Notes


JNCC Practice Notes are designed to provide brief and useful summaries of our work to a range of different natural resource practitioners, including the UK business sector. Many will be derived from technical reports published in the JNCC Report Series (links will be provided in the Notes).


JNCC is seeking to increase the utility of its work to a wider range of stakeholders, whilst retaining its UK and international focus. This is in keeping with the growing interest in natural capital and new ways of valuing and accounting for natural resources within land and sea management systems. The JNCC Practice Note series has been developed with this in mind and will seek to provide information that can be readily applied by different sectors of society when considering dependencies and impacts on nature.      


Image Note No: Title Published

Realising the value of natural capital to UK businesses in the electricity

supply sector  (617KB)

October 2015
Practice Note 2 2

Realising the value of natural capital to UK businesses in the agriculture,

forestry and fisheries sector   (962KB)

October 2015



Integrated Value Creation from Natural Capital (763KB) May 2016
JNCC Practice Note 4 4

Sustainable finance in Caribbean Islands (965KB)

August 2017
Practice Note 5 5 Biodiversity Risk - Integrating Business and Biodiversity in the Tertiary Sector (1,532KB) November 2018
Practice Note No 6 6 Mainstreaming international biodiversity goals for the private sector (1,403KB) November 2018