South Atlantic Overseas Territories Regional Biosecurity Workshop


Ascension Island: 14th - 18th August.


As part of its technical workshop programme, In August 2015 JNCC, in collaboration with the Ascension Island Government,  held  a regional workshop hosted by the Ascension Island Government Conservation Department. The workshops focussed on sharing Biosecurity experiences and best practice across the South Atlantic Overseas Territories.


The workshop report will published shortly as part of the JNCC Report series.


Workshop background.


The main objectives of the workshop were:

  • To share experience and good practice in the region.
  • To improve the Biosecurity of the participating Overseas Territories
  • To explore the potential for a regional approach to Biosecurity building on the 2009 Regional South Atlantic Invasive Species Strategy.
  • To identify next steps required and advice and expertise to address those next steps.


The workshop background document outlines the existing policy context and the workshop preparation process.

The workshop programme was developed through a series of meetings with the organising group.