No. 4 Mapping of the Haig Fras Site of Community Importance (SCI)
(004 - 2015)
Barrio Froján, C., Diesing, M. & Curtis, M.
It was the purpose of this investigation to conduct a dedicated multidisciplinary survey of the Haig Fras area, both to confirm its extent in relation to the existing SCI boundary and to produce an updated habitat map.


This report describes the results from multidisciplinary field surveys of the Haig Fras reef complex, presently designated as a Site of Community Importance (SCI) and a candidate Special Area of Conservation (cSAC).  Since the designation of Haig Fras as an SCI, new evidence has come to light suggesting that the Annex I reef habitat, for which the site was selected, extends outside the existing site boundary, prompting the present investigation to map the full extent of reef habitat at Haig Fras.  The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) jointly surveyed the Haig Fras complex, collecting remotely sensed multibeam data and directly observed ground-truthing data.  These datasets have been analysed to determine the full extent of the Annex I reef and produce an updated habitat map of the area.

Due to the large file size of this report it has been split into two documents:


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