No. 6 North Norfolk Sandbanks and Saturn Reef SCI: CEND 22/13 & 23/13 Cruise Report
(006 - 2015)
Vanstaen, K. & Whomersley, P.
The survey at the North Norfolk Sandbanks and Saturn Reef Site of Community Interest(NNS & SR SCI) was carried out between 4 and 25 November 2013 on the RV Cefas Endeavour (Survey CEND 22/13 and CEND 23/13). The survey was split in two parts: Part 1 (4–11 November 2013 – CEND 22/13) included a training element for JNCC staff, and the survey team therefore included a large number of JNCC staff. The survey team for part 2 (12 – 25 November 2013 – CEND 23/13) was focussed on science objectives and included Cefas marine ecologists, habitat mappers and survey technicians along with three representatives from JNCC.



The aim of surveys CEND 22/13 and CEND 23/13 was to gather additional seabed data to assist with the development of management advice. Objectives were prioritised as follows:
1. survey areas of existing known Sabellaria spinulosa reef or areas where it has previously been found;
2. assess presence, and where possible, delineate the Annex I biogenic reef feature and characterise associated
fauna; and
3. survey areas of sandbank to characterise distribution of infauna communities in order to better understand their sensitivities to a range of pressures.

In addition, survey CEND22/13 had a parallel aim to train participating JNCC survey staff so they are able to lead offshore surveys for JNCC in the future. Though this training will contribute to the participants eventually becoming JNCC lead scientists on certain surveys, it is not expected that this cruise alone will necessarily enable them to reach this level of competency.


The survey was designed around six areas of search and a coarse sampling grid was provided by JNCC. The areas of search were labelled A to E. Survey lines were created at 200m line spacing to achieve full seafloor coverage using a high resolution
sidescan sonar system. Simultaneous multibeam data would be collected, recognising that full seafloor coverage would not be achieved.



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