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The Marine Monitoring Method Finder brings together a wide range of monitoring guidelines and procedures, and makes them readily available for use via a search bar and spreadsheet tool. These guidelines and procedures represent standards and advice recognised by the JNCC. Where gaps exist in this knowledge, the JNCC are currently developing revisions to fill these gaps.


All guidelines and procedures are published by government agencies, expert panels, collaborative working groups, international standards groups and universities. The vast majority have been reviewed by multiple government agencies and industry experts.


Marine Monitoring Method Finder: Search Bar and Spreadsheet




The Marine Monitoring Method Search Bar is a search engine designed for people who want to quickly find methodological guidelines, recommendations and standards for monitoring marine habitats and species in the UK. It is similar to a standard internet search, but it only searches web pages which have been pre-selected to take you to the most useful sources.  It will not completely exclude irrelevant ‘hits’, but we hope it will guide you more quickly to the best management guidance.  It only finds information which has been published online – papers and books are not covered.

Download the spreadsheet (Marine Monitoring Method Finder)
  • Download latest version of the Marine Monitoring Method Finder (190 KB)
    File name: Marine_Monitoring_Method_Finder_20170831.xlsx
  • Re-use of information in the JNCC Marine Monitoring Finder spreadsheet is subject to the terms of the Open Government Licence v3.0. If you re-use this information you must acknowledge the source in your product or application by including or linking to the following attribution statement: “Contains JNCC data © copyright and database right 2016”.
  • NB: the date last updated is included in the file title (e.g. 20170831 = 31/08/2017).





Please let us know of any additional marine monitoring method guidance not currently included in the Marine Monitoring Method Finder. .


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