The UK LIFE National Contact Point Team


Jessica Magnus


Jessica is an international environmental lawyer with a specialisation in European Union law, and has been working as JNCC’s European Advisor for the last 10 years. Over the years Jessica has covered all relevant policy areas including EU nature and biodiversity legislation, sustainable development, EU Biodiversity Strategy, institutional affairs and EU LIFE funding. For four years, Jessica was seconded to Defra’s European and International Coordination Unit where she coordinated the UK’s attendance to the EU’s Environment Council meetings and accompanied the Secretary of State to these meetings.




LIFE: who does what - the UK National Contact Point in context

  • The European Commission has overall responsibility for the LIFE programme. 
  • Within DG Environment, the LIFE Programme Unit (DG ENV D4) is responsible for LIFE projects related to nature and biodiversity and all other policy areas covered by the LIFE sub-programme for the Environment.
  • DG Climate Action (DG CLIMA) has overall responsibility for the LIFE sub-programme for Climate Action. 
  • EASME, the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, and in particular the LIFE and Competitiveness and Innovation Framework programme (CIP) Eco-Innovation Unit (EASME B3) is responsible for managing the calls for proposals.
  • An external contractor, the External Monitoring and Communications team (NEEMO), closely monitors each ongoing LIFE project, and is the interface between the LIFE projects and the Commission/EASME.
  • The European Investment Bank manages the two new LIFE financial instruments on behalf of DG Environment and DG Climate Action, ie the "Natural Capital Financial Facility (NCFF)" under both LIFE sub-programmes and the "Private Financing for Energy Efficiency (PF4EE)" under LIFE Climate Action.
  • Each EU Member State has a LIFE National Contact Point (NCP) that is responsible for the LIFE programme at national level. Amongst others, they provide assistance to applicants for LIFE projects.



LIFE: the UK National Contact Point

As the UK LIFE NCP we aim to:

  • Promote the LIFE programme with information on participation and annual calls.
  • Provide an advisory service for potential UK applicants, including information and support on developing proposals and a pre-screening service prior to submission.
  • Improve the quality and quantity of applications that are successful in implementing EU environmental policy in the UK.
  • Develop the competence and capacity of prospective applicants from the UK including from the Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies and Gibraltar in their ability to access LIFE funds.
  • Assist with clarifying roles and responsibilities of the beneficiaries in a project, including their respective contractual relationship with the Commission.
  • Provide guidance on producing sufficiently detailed and realistic estimates of costs and meeting financial requirements.

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