EU Funding arena – beyond LIFE in Wales

LIFE proposals require a project’s actions to be checked against other EU funding streams and you need to be able to prove why only LIFE can fund you work. Alternatively your project may fit better within another funding stream.

  • If your project’s focus is Research, Monitoring or Large Infrastructure, LIFE funding is unlikely to suitable for your aims. Please consider Horizon 2020, Interreg or EMFF funding;
  • If your project is based around Communications, LIFE funding is possible but you should also consider whether Horizon 2020, Interreg, COST or EMFF are better suited to your aims;
  • If your project largely consists of Practical Actions, LIFE funding is possible though you should also consider Interreg and EMFF;
  • If your project is mainly Management Actions, LIFE funding is possible though you should also consider Interreg and EMFF.


EU funding streams available to the environment

LIFE_EU_funds for Wales


Summary of EU funds for the environment and their main purpose

Funding instrument Monitoring Research Comms





 LIFE N N Y Y Y September/ October (annual calls)
Horizon 2020 Y Y Y N N Frequent calls, as outlined in MAWP
Interreg Y Y Y Y Y Rolling calls throughout year depending on programme
COST N N Y N N Biannual calls in March and October

European Maritime

& Fisheries Fund


Y Y Y Y Y Quarterly
Eurofleet N N N N N Annual (spring)


More details on the above can be found in the JNCC Directory of EU Funds for Wales which provides information on the objectives, activities funded, co-financing, eligible areas and links for further information. If you have a specific query please contact us at: