Data Skills Framework


Data is becoming a fundamental aspect of all government business. There is also growing realisation of the need to develop the necessary skills to enable this, right across the workforce. However, at present there is no generic framework to support assessment of these skills at this scale.


JNCC are currently developing a framework for assessing and developing data related skills within an organisation. This is a revision of the earlier technical skills framework but focusing more specifically on data related skills and aiming for a more generic framework.


This report aims to set out a simple, generic framework which is designed to cover the full range of data related competencies. It draws out seven of areas of competency:

  • Requirements and business analysis
  • Data governance
  • Data management
  • Access and security
  • Data manipulation
  • Analysis and modelling
  • Visualisation


Within each of these three levels are identified: foundation, intermediate and advanced. The intention is that “foundation” level should be relatively easy to reach and encourage creating a broad understanding across a wide number of staff while individuals at the “advanced” level are providing leadership and mentoring for the area.


The current draft is included below and JNCC would welcome comments and ideas on how it could be improved. A template for comments has been provided and any responses should be




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