Tranche Three MCZ Workshop


JNCC and Natural England have been asked by Defra to provide scientific advice on the suite of site options from which they could select potential Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) that could form a third tranche of MCZ designations. It was requested that the site options were discussed with stakeholders, before our scientific advice on whether an area meets the necessary ‘standards’ to be eligible for designation is submitted.  As JNCC is responsible for site options in offshore waters (beyond 12 nautical miles), a stakeholder workshop was organised as part of our advice process. The workshop ran over two days – 14-15th November 2016 and focused on offshore waters around England and Northern Ireland.


      Breakout session at the T3 MCZ workshop      JNCC panel at the Tranche Three MCZ workshop      Jon Davies presentation at the Tranche Three MCZ Workshop


Day 1 focused on Areas of Search being considered for new site options, while day 2 provided an opportunity to discuss the range of site options in each region in the context of the conservation advice being developed by JNCC. Comments and further information brought to the table on both days during breakout and plenary sessions were recorded by a note-taker and summary notes by the facilitator to ensure that all views and inputs were captured. These recordings were then used to produce reports of each breakout session alongside the report by the external facilitator. Any alternative proposals made by stakeholders for Areas of Search to be considered for new site options were investigated by JNCC and Natural England to ensure there is sufficient data to consider these further. The breakout session reports, facilitator report and data report for alternative proposed areas are available to download below.

Prior to the workshop JNCC produced a detailed guide for the workshop to share with all invitees, alongside other supporting materials for the different sessions, which can also be downloaded below. During the workshop several attendees requested access to shapefiles and coordinates for both the Areas of Search boundaries and also the boundaries of the existing regional MCZ project recommendations (referred to as rMCZs). Designated MCZs with additional features being proposed for Tranche Three are also within the latter shapefile, and these can also be downloaded from this webpage. The presentations from the workshop have also been made available.




  Description Document download
1 Post-workshop reports
2 Supporting workshop materials
3 Data
4 Presentations


Additional relevant papers listed in the workshop guide which support the discussions we will have during the workshop can be found on the JNCC Tranche Three MCZ Advice webpage.


Tranche Three MCZ Webinar

Following on from the Tranche Three Marine Conservation Zone stakeholder workshop in November 2016, JNCC hosted a webinar on 6th February 2017 to discuss the New Site Options which have been subsequently developed following the workshop. Several attendees expressed interest in further engagement and this webinar was hosted to provide an opportunity for us to give an overview of the work JNCC have been undertaking since the workshop, and for stakeholders to raise any questions or comments on the New Site Options.

The webinar recording is available below, along with a document of the questions addressed in the webinar and the presentation slides. The shapefile for the New Site Options is also available under the Data downloads on this page.


Webinar Downloads