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Welcome to JNCC's Business Development service


The more you understand about your project, the more likely it is to be successful.

JNCC provides data capture and analysis solutions, expert advice and modelling to public and private partners in the UK and internationally. 

We have multi-disciplinary teams of experts who can provide innovative solutions for a wide-range of ecological and environmental projects including but not limited to:


  • Air quality
  • Data collection on status and trends for terrestrial species
  • Data management and visualisation
  • Earth Observation (Centre of Excellence)
  • Endangered species advice
  • Environmental health
  • EU Life projects
  • International trade pertaining to wildlife
  • Mapping the extent of marine conservation habitats
  • Marine Framework Strategy Directive
  • Marine Protected Areas
  • Marine surveillance and monitoring
  • Natural Capital
  • Offshore industries
  • Provision of policy advice and interpretation for marine habitats
  • Provision of policy advice and interpretation for the protection of species conservation
  • Provision of policy advice and interpretation for terrestrial species
  • Provision of advice for fisheries management
  • Regulatory and statutory advice
  • Understanding the value of natural ecosystems


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