JNCC Marine Monitoring Platform Guidelines series

The Marine Monitoring Platform Guidelines provide marine scientists with a broad overview of the capabilities and limitations of key sampling platforms available for marine biological monitoring applications. Each guideline reviews logistical issues, operational recommendations and general costs associated with using a particular sampling platform.

The guidelines will assist those responsible for planning marine biological monitoring surveys, such as lead survey scientists, scientists in charge and principal investigators. The Marine Monitoring Platform Guidelines form part of JNCC’s commitment to providing expert advice in the field of marine biological monitoring methods and applications.



This procedural guideline provides general guidance on the use of ROVs and includes information on equipment, survey planning and general costs of using ROV for surveys and monitoring.
This procedural guideline is intended primarily for marine monitoring/survey managers and provides outline guidance on cruising AUVs that are presently the most widely available and applicable to the UK.
Crabb, M., Wright, P., Humphrey, O., Johnson, G., Rush, S., van Rein, H. & Hinchen, H.
This procedural guideline is intended primarily for survey managers who are considering the use of UAVs to meet their survey objectives.