Welcome to the SMP Online Database.
Welcome to the new website for viewing and entering whole-colony counts of breeding seabirds in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

A quick guide to the online database is available here or from the help menu.
To enter counts, please first register here. You do not need to register to view site details or counts.

By entering your whole-colony counts via this website, you will be contributing to an important long-term database, which will increase our understanding of seabird populations and assist in their conservation. On-line recording will allow us to more efficiently record, collate and report upon seabird count data, and greatly reduce the need for paper records.

This database comprises counts from the mid 1980s to the present and incorporates the results from two of the three complete censuses that have so far been undertaken in the UK and Republic of Ireland: ‘Seabird Colony Register’ (1985-88) and ‘Seabird 2000’ (1998-2002). Data from ‘Operation Seafarer’ census (1969-70) have yet to be incorporated into the database.

Data have been provided to the SMP by the generous contributions of its partners, other organisations and volunteers throughout Britain and Ireland. Partners to the SMP are: BirdWatch Ireland; The British Trust for Ornithology; Centre for Ecology & Hydrology; Countryside Council for Wales; Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (Isle of Man); Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government (Republic of Ireland); States of Guernsey Government; JNCC; Manx Birdlife; Manx National Heritage; The National Trust; National Trust for Scotland; Natural England; Northern Ireland Environment Agency; The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds; Scottish Natural Heritage; Seabird Group; Shetland Oil Terminal Environmental Advisory Group; Scottish Wildlife Trust.

For additional breeding success data from the Isle of May, please see https://gateway.ceh.ac.uk/home.

Data that partners to the SMP consider to be sensitive have been removed. These relate to Leach's storm-petrel, roseate tern, little tern, Mediterranean gull and, for Ireland, great skua. A policy on the treatment of sensitive data is being developed.