Waterbirds around the world
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Boere. G.C., Galbraith, C.A. & Stroud, D.A. (eds).
This publication gives a telling insight into the status of the world's most important waterbird migration routes and is the outcome of a major international conference.



Editors, Dr Gerard Boere, Prof Colin Galbraith and Mr David Stroud with UK Minister Barry Gardiner at the launch of Waterbirds around the world © MINLNV


Minister Barry Gardiner with the editors of Waterbirds around the world


From left to right

Dr Gerard Boere, Associated Expert Wetlands International (Secretary General of WI at the time of Waterbirds around the world Conference)

Minister Barry Gardiner, UK Minister of Biodiversity, Landscape and Rural Affairs

Prof Colin Galbraith, Director of Science & Advisory Services SNH

Mr David Stroud, Senior Ornithologist JNCC, Member of Ramsar Convention Scientific & Technical Review Panel






The Waterbirds around the world Conference held in Edinburgh, Scotland in April 2004 was attended by nearly 500 participants from 90 countries, making it the largest in a sequence of meetings that go back to the first European Meeting on wildfowl conservation held in St. Andrews, Scotland 40 years ago. 

The Conference was organised by the UK and Dutch governments and their agencies, working with Wetlands International.  It was supported by a large number of countries and organisations that are fully acknowledged.
The Edinburgh Declaration was a seminal outcome of the Conference.  This Declaration calls for urgent action to halt and reverse wetland loss and degradation, and to strengthen networks of key sites for waterbirds along all flyways.
The Conference proceedings are published by The Stationery Office, to whom sale requests should be addressed.  The contents are being made available here to further assist the conservation and research uses of the data and information contained in Waterbirds around the world.
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Sponsors of the Waterbirds around the world
Key Findings (PDF, 126 kb)

Part 1.  Introduction

Foreword, Patrons address and acknowledgements
The Edinburgh Declaration (in English, French and Spanish)
Address by HRH The Prince of Wales
Address by Elliot Morley MP, UK Minister for Environment and Agri-Environment
Address by Cees Veerman, The Netherlands' Minister for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
Address by Max Finlayson, President, Wetlands International
Address by John Markland, Chairman of Scottish Natural Heritage
Address by Allan Wilson MSP, Scotland’s Minister for the Environment
Waterbird conservation in a new millennium — where from and where to?
The flyway concept; what it is and what it isn’t

Part 2.  Plenary papers

A short history of waterbird conservation
North America flyway management: a century of experience in the United States
African-Western Eurasian Flyways: current knowledge, population status and future challenges
Migration in the balance: tight ecological margins and the changing fortunes of shorebird populations
Successes and challenges of promoting conservation of migratory waterbirds and wetlands in the Asia-Pacific region: nine years of a regional strategy
Climate variability and change and other pressures on wetlands and waterbirds: impacts and adaptation
Sustainable harvest of waterbirds: a global review
Cross-cutting research on a flyway scale – beyond monitoring
Conservation of albatrosses and petrels of the Southern Ocean
The Arctic – origin of flyways

Part 3.  Geographic regions

The Arctic: source of flyways
Waterbirds in the Neotropics
Flyway conservation in North America
Intra-African migration
Flyway conservation in the Central Asian Flyway
East-Asia- Pacific Flyway
Sustainable use of natural resources in the African-Eurasian Flyway

Part 4.  Cross-cutting issues

Implications of climate change for waterbirds
Disease emergence and impacts in migratory waterbirds
Flyway monitoring – rising to the challenge
Waterbird migration ecology
Migration and flyway atlases

Part 5.  Integrated approaches to waterbird conservation

Flyway management for species of conservation concern
Declining waterbird populations: problems, processes and sites
Building effective ecological networks
Integrating waterbird conservation: populations, habitats and landscapes
The marine environment: challenges for conservation implementation

Part 6.  Waterbirds and people

Conflict resolution
Let the waterbirds do the talking
Sustainable waterbird harvest
Financing global flyway conservation: innovation, linkages, options
Building and sustaining capacity for waterbird conservation and research

Species index (PDF,  879 kb)

Geographical index (PDF, 694 kb)

Subject index (PDF, 782 kb)

Author index (PDF, 692 kb)

Please note
Names used for geographical entities do not imply the recognition, by the organisers of the Waterbirds around the world conference or other supporting organisations or governments, of the political status of any particular territory.  Names for territories used (and any alternatives) are included solely to help users of this publication apply information included in the volume for waterbird conservation purposes.  The views expressed in papers included within Waterbirds around the world do not necessarily represent views of the editors or the organisations and governments that supported the conference and this publication.
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